CFP for the Workshop “Fluidity: Figures of Thought and Material Processes”

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover, October 5, 2019

The research project “Fluidity: Materials in Motion”, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), explores the aesthetic, imaginary and epistemic dimensions of mutable substances and material processes within cultural and artistic practices. From an art historical and cultural studies’ point of view, the network examines the notion of fluidity, pondering its potentials and limits.

As part of its 2nd meeting, the network will hold the workshop “Fluidity: Figures of Thought and Material Processes”, which will take place on October 5, 2019. During the workshop, external scholars from various backgrounds will have the opportunity to present their research projects and to exchange ideas with other guests and the members of the network. The main goal is to bring together similar research interests, and to provide a platform for discussions about future cooperation. The workshop shall enable a broad and productive dialogue about current approaches and concepts of fluidity as well as about issues of material processuality.

For our interdisciplinary workshop, we welcome applications from fields such as, for instance, art history, cultural studies, history of science, film and media studies, philosophy, gender studies, and sociology, but also materials research, ecology, rheology, or fluid dynamics.

The workshop “Fluidity: Figures of Thought and Material Processes“ is open for invited participants only. Therefore, we kindly ask for your application. Please, send an abstract of your research project (300 words) and a short CV to the email address mentioned below. Deadline: August 4, 2019.

Unfortunately, travel and accommodation expenses cannot be reimbursed.

Contact: info[at]