4th Meeting “Fluidity. Materials in Motion”

September 10–11, 2020

In this meeting, we are focussing on the preparation of our project publication “Fluidity. Materials in Motion”. The members of the research network present and discuss the subject matter they intend to elaborate on in their respective contributions to the book. The publication will be divided into three sections: 1) Thinking Fluid: Epistemology and Metaphorology, 2) Flows, Change & Agency: Materials in Action, 3) A Leaking World: Ecology of Fluid Materials. Due to Covid-19 regulations, the meeting will be held online.



Daniel Becker: On the Overflowing Notion of the Fluid. An Attempted Overview of the Conceptual Usage of Fluidity

Marcel Finke: In the Mix. Objects, Things, and the Ecology of Materials 

Liliana Gómez: Contested Amnesia and Dissonant Narratives: Liquid Ecologies in Contemporary Arts

Inge Hinterwaldner: Phase Shifting Painting

Ralf Liptau: Flow into Shape: Cast Materials and Modern Architecture 

Benjamin Steininger: Chemical Cultural Sciences. Speculating with Stuff

Friedrich Weltzien: Aerosol as Body Fluid